IEASA invites contributions from academics, researchers, professional practitioners, educators, students and innovators, as well as organisations and individuals interested in international higher education to its 2022 conference, to be held online from 24 to 26 August 2022.

After four waves of the COVID-19 pandemic considerably disrupted university activities at all levels, South African higher education institutions (HEIs) resumed a degree of relative normalcy in early 2022, most notably through the return to face-to-face engagements. We are taking this opportunity to reflect on the disruptions South African higher education has experienced over the past few years and how institutions are responding to their ever changing environments, particularly in the context of their internationalisation activities.

Join us to explore how what we have experienced and learnt during the pandemic can help us reignite and reimagine internationalisation of higher education in South Africa, particularly with consideration (but not limited) to the following questions:

  • What changes have been brought about by the pandemic at the level of institutional
    internationalisation policies, strategies and funding flows?
  • What is responsible internationalisation of higher education? How is it linked to other pertinent challenges such as achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and combatting the climate crisis? How does it respond to vaccine inequalities and other global divides?
  • What does a locally relevant and globally engaged South African university of the future look like? What kind of partners will it require? What should its priorities be?
  • How is South Africa engaging with the rest of the world? Are our relationships with our partners changing? Are there distinctive changes in the relationships and engagements with partners in the global North and partners in the global South as a result of the pandemic?
  • Which aspects and practices of internationalisation have been resumed, adapted or discontinued? How has the access of international students to South Africa and the access of South African students to higher education in other parts of the world been impacted?
  • How has technology changed our perspectives on internationalisation practices? Which elements of internationalisation can be meaningfully conducted digitally and/or using blended approaches? How can we enhance intercultural competence in a digital world? How can digital and blended approaches to internationalisation foster inclusion and social justice?
  • What lessons have we learned regarding the resilience of our students and staff, and how can we take this forward?
  • Where has strong leadership in internationalisation of higher education emerged during this
    challenging period?
  • How have the challenges of our times impacted on diversity, intercultural competence and human connections in South Africa and beyond?

Responding to the questions above, or raising other relevant issues and topics, you are invited to present opinion or thought pieces as well as share your research findings, lived experiences, best practice examples and future plans. IEASA is interested in highlighting both uniquely South African perspectives, as well as perspectives from other regions of the world.

  • Contributions are invited for the following formats:
  • Plenary sessions,
  • Parallel sessions,
  • Poster sessions and
  • Workshops.

Submission Details and Timelines

Contact Details
Please address all conference-related queries to the Conference Committee via the following email address: events@ieasa.studysa.org.