24 - 26 August 2022


Mahlubi Chief Mabizela

Mahlubi Chief Mabizela is a Chief Director responsible for the Chief Directorate: Higher Education Policy and Research Support in the Department of Higher Education and Training (DHET), South Africa. The Chief Directorate’s (CD) main responsibilities are the development and implementation of higher education policies; measurement and analyses of research and creative outputs from universities; research support and the regulation and administration of private higher education sector.

Policies recently published from the CD include the Policy Framework on Internationalisation of Higher Education in South Africa and the revised Language Policy Framework, both published in 2020. The CD is also responsible for international engagements in as far as they affect and require the involvement of the DHET’s higher education branch, such as the Southern African Development Cooperation (SADC); the African Union Commission; BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) and others. As such, Mahlubi currently serves in the Technical Committee on Higher Education and Training, Research and Development of SADC; the Education Working Group of G20 and various BRICS higher education structures, especially when the rotational chair-ship is under South Africa. Until recently, he had also been responsible for governance in the higher education sector. Among other responsibilities, he currently serves in the boards of the National Institute for Humanities and Social Sciences and Higher Health.