24 - 26 August 2022


Nontokozo Mashiya

Professor Nontokozo Mashiya is the Director in the Office of the Vice Chancellor at the University of Zululand. As the Director in the Office of the Vice Chancellor, Prof. Mashiya is responsible for two critical entities, the Pastoral Care Unit (GBV Office) and International Linkages Office.

To improve her knowledge in the field of internationalisation, Prof. Mashiya is participating in the training programme on Management of Internationalisation funded by the German Government (DAAD) through Leibniz University Hannover. Prof. Mashiya has 17 years of experience of university teaching and management. She started her career as the primary school teacher. She has worked as a lecturer and rose through the ranks. She is the Professor of Early Childhood Education. Her experience includes working as a lecturer, coordinator and Head of Department of Early Childhood Education and Foundation Phase in two institutions (University of KwaZulu-Natal and University of Zululand). She also worked as an Acting Deputy Dean in the Faculty of Education and the Director of the Teaching and Learning Centre at the University of Zululand.