24 - 26 August 2022


Valile Valindawo M. Dwayi

Member of senior management at Walter Sisulu University, South Africa. At present, he is the institutional Director and Head: Short Learning Programs. In his more than 15 years of senior management roles in university education, Valile has been directly involved in managing the following projects (USAID-TELP (2002-2005); DFID-HIV & Aids (2004-2006); NUFFIC NICHE & NPT Phases 2008-2012; 2013-2016; DHET Earmarked Grants (2006-2019). By August 2021, Valile will be responsible for the strategy direction for internationalisation of post-secondary education and training at WSU.

Valile, a PhD candidate at Rhodes University, South Africa, is the ardent believer in social justice and equity. He takes a particular interest in the socially reconstructive and progressive position that knowledge about leadership systems, discourses and their practices are mutually constitutive and therefore their complex conflation needs a reflexive-dialectical process. Valile, enjoys being disruptive about what always appears as nuanced systems of domination and control. Such systems can masquerade as self-empowering and emancipatory, while masking perpetual structural disadvantage, exclusion and marginalisation.

Valile is the founding member of HELTASA(South Africa), and of the African Leadership Transformation (ALT) Foundation. He is a also the member of the One Africa Initiative where he is a regular commentator on transformative leadership and university rankings in contexts of structural disadvantage.